Mandir Information


“To build a grand Shiv Mandir of unique architectural design and physical layout with associated facilities for the purpose of providing a place of worship for all devotees of Sanatan Hindu Dharm, and to support community activities for the young adults, women and senior citizens..”

Shiv Mandir of Atlanta is open to all, though it caters mainly to the devotees belonging to Atlanta and its suburbs. New Shiv Mandir is located at 890 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Sugar Hill GA 30518. The Mandir currently organizes regular set of activities like puja, arti on a daily basis, apart from organizing havans, paaths and other such programs on festivals and other such special occasions.


Shiv Mandir Needs Your Support

Following are Shiv Mandir's next priorities:

  1. Increase the number of Monthly Daan Sevaks to pay for monthly loan and operational commitments.
  2. Tiling on both side decks and the grand stairs steps.
  3. Kitchen and dining room
  4. Auditorium
  5. Domes/Shikhars
  6. Tiling in the foyer and hall downstairs