Our Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir of Atlanta is open to all, though it caters mainly to the devotees belonging to Atlanta and its suburbs. We have ambitious plans to move the temple from its present location to a temple building of its own. Shiv Mandir has acquitred 11.4 acres of Land on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard between McGinnis Ferry and Hwy 20. Other related activities geared towards building grand Shiv Mandir are under way.

Shiv Mandir is located inside Global Mall on 2nd floor. Global mall is situated right off of Interstate 85 on Jimmy Carter Boulevard (click here to get directions). The mandir currently organizes regular set of activities like puja, arti on a daily basis, apart from organizing havans, paaths and other such programs on festivals and other such special occasions.

Message from Chairman

Har Har Mahadev!!,

We welcome you all whole heartedly to your Madir to celebrate and worship Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Maha Shiv Ratri. Lord Shiv is also known fondly as Devo Ke Dev Mahadev and that makes him worthy of worship not only by earthly human beings but by all devas in the heavenly residence as well. We believe every one of us try to achieve oneness with Mahadev through our worship to the Lord and service to the community. To achieve that; what could be a better place than Mandir (Shivalaya) and today is a special day that you can experience and see that happening at the site of the Mandir. Shiv Parivar at our Mandir is very unique; volunteers tirelessly work at each and every occasion or event, making it a grand success. We have several activities going on every week at the Mandir including the Rudrabhishek performed every Monday.

Your support by volunteering or monetarily is not only well appreciated but will take us in the next phase of construction. You have already seen construction in progress; our members have worked tirelessly in the process of selecting contractors, performed value engineering and a big task of procuring bank loan. All of this has happened because of your support and Lord Shiva’s blessing. We all would like to expedite the process of construction; the delay in construction has been due to several reasons, but most important cause is availability of FUNDS and finally we are close to resolving that issue as well; we would like to thank the wonderful people at Quantum Bank on helping us in the process of procuring these funds. We are very close to achieving this DREAM of seeing SHIV MANDIR on this ground.

We have few more steps to complete that will allow us not only build a beautiful Mandir but also a beautifully and carefully maintained complex to preserve a spirit of reverence. We know that with Lord Shivas blessing and your generous support and participation, the community will not only have a place to pray, but where our children can learn religious / culture values and where we can find peace and serenity. We would like to share a unique incident that happened here while the foundation of the Mandir was being laid out. This was narrated by a construction worker who was working on a big machine digging around the Main Shila that was placed at the time of Shilanyas pooja.

The machine that was digging the area suddenly became over heated and stopped working; the worker could not understand what was happening and he thought it could explode and ran away. After a while they came back and investigated what had happened and they couldn’t find anything wrong with the machine but noticed that the part that was digging the ground was close to touching the Main Shila. This incident made us believe even more that Lord Shiva has already selected the site as his abode and that this Mandir will be very special. Year 2015 has been a very busy year for everyone at the Mandir. Our executive committee, board members and other volunteers have worked hard and made every activity, event and pooja’s hugely successful and enjoyable for everyone in the community and we would like to them all from bottom of our hearts. We have a quite a few spiritual and exciting events planned ahead for this year so please be on the lookout for our information by emails and facebook notifications. We would like to thank our priests, Pandit Santoshji and Madhavji who work so hard and go above and beyond of what they are asked to for the Mandir. We like to inform all of you that we have hired a new priest who would be arriving in the next few weeks and joining our other priests. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in performing all kinds of Pooja’s and will be able to guide and teach our kids about our religion and its intricacies. We really appreciate the spirit of Shiv Parivar and all the devotees who attend on not only special events but also on daily basis. We are also thankful to all our donors, patron members and founding members for their generous donations, continuous support and help in realizing the communities dream. Our vision and goal is to complete the mandir not only physically but also spiritually as well where Lord Shiva continuous to bless the community in every way. May Lord bless every one of you. nd.

Shiv Mandir’s Bhoomi Pujan celebration started at 4.00 A.M, at the present mandir location in Global Mall, when group of devotees carried “Main Kalash” on a 17 miles journey traversing through the city of Norcross, Duluth and Suwanee to its final destination at the new mandir site at SugarHill. On the way more devotees join this pilgrimage and over 300 devotees participated for the final 1.5 miles of Rath Yatra (Shobha Yatra). The atmosphere was filled with OM NAMAY SHIVAYA chanting on beautiful Dhol beat.

Swami Dr Ram Kamal Das ji Vedanti received the Kalash at the land and performed Dhwaja Rohan. A team of seven priests were led by Shiv Mandir’s priests performed various Pujas that reminded devotees of the great Hindu traditions. More than 1,500 people participated in the bhoomi Pujan event. Several community leaders and the City of SugarHill mayor, council member and land planning director attended the ceremony.

As we look ahead, we have a very auspicious and herculean task of constructing a permanent abode of Lord Shiva and other deities. Please let us all come together and once again put our heads and hearts to work to accomplish this great cause. We, as a community, have always been generous and have always risen to any challenge and this permit only proves the depth of commitment of our great community.

Dear community, the day when we will have our own Shiv Mandir does not seem too far. We have come a long way. The first step is here and the remainder will be coming by soon. Shiv Mandir is planning to perform the Shila Nayas Pujan to start the construction of temple soon and we are looking forward to your participation with full zeal. May Lord Shiva bless us all and give us the will power and strength to achieve the task of building our Shiv Mandir successfully.


Vimal Pathak
Chairman, Shiv Mandir Board

Ravi Mekala
President, Shiv Mandir Executive Committee